Each of us on any given day may find ourselves at our wits end when we encounter home plumbing issues.  Whether the issue originates with a toilet or the kitchen sink, one thing is clear….household plumbing problems will at some point be a frequent visitor in your life.

When that time comes, Anthony McDermott Plumbing, LLC is the professional you will want to call. Anthony takes pride in being a problem solver and difficult plumbing problems are his specialty.

Vibrating or banging pipes – caused by “air hammer” or “water ramming”.  This occurs when there are air bubbles bouncing around the water line, due to air being drawn into the line from a small leak or excessive water pressure.  Call Anthony McDermott Plumbing, LLC to find the leak and fix it.

Leaky Faucets - many times can be repaired by simply replacing an o-ring. Call Anthony McDermott Plumbing, LLC to fix it.

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image 4This website was developed to provide you with the information you need when common plumbing issues arise. If you are experiencing plumbing issues of any kind, and you live in or around Philadelphia, or the counties of Chester, Delaware, or Montgomery in Pennsylvania, you can rest assured that we will be able to help.


image 2Anthony McDermott Plumbing, LLC has been locally owned and operated in the Philadelphia area including Chester, Delaware, Montgomery counties since 1995. Based in Media, Pa, we have continually provided the most up-to-date technology and friendly service to our customers. From the installation of a new water heater to plumbing a new bathroom or anything in between, Anthony McDermott Plumbing, LLC guarantees that the job will be done to your complete satisfaction.

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Things you Should Know

Whether you own or rent, here are a few things you should know to prevent damage or a dangerous situation.

Know where your water source is and how to shut it off. This is usually at the meter, or if you have a well, where the well supply comes into the house.

Know how to read your water bill and your water meter. Ensure you're being billed properly.

Know your water pressure and be sure it's under 80 psi. High water pressure is the number 1 cause of leaks.

Know what kind of waste system you have and where the clean-out plugs are. Sewer or septic?

Know how to shut the gas off (propane or natural gas).

Know how to shut off the water supply to the water heater. If you know where to shut off the water heater, it need not leave you completely without water for washing, cooking, flushing, until the water heater is repaired.

Have a pan under the water heater, and make sure that your water heater's temperature and pressure relief valve does not leak.